Hebrew website: Israeli army on standby for fear of Hezbollah provocations

Israeli broadcaster Kan said on Monday that the IDF was on high alert at the northern border due to concerns about Hezbollah’s attempts to provoke provocations.

She added that the army is in a state of readiness ahead of the signing of the agreement on the maritime borders between Israel and Lebanon and the launch of the Karish platform, which is scheduled for September.

A month ago, the Security Cabinet met to discuss the issue of the maritime border with Lebanon, and a message was passed to ministers that if an agreement was not signed, the issue could escalate with Hezbollah.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that, on the other hand, there are hopes for a solution to the issue.

On the other hand, Hebrew Channel 12 reported on Sunday evening that Israel and Lebanon appear to be close to a US-brokered maritime border agreement between them.

Source: Hebrew media.

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