"Build": Despite sanctions, Russia has become the largest exporter of coal to Germany

The Bild newspaper reported that, despite the sanctions and restrictions imposed on Russia, it became the main source of coal for Germany in the past 2022.

The newspaper cited data and information from the German Association of Coal Importers that in the past 2022, German companies imported 13 million tons of coal from Russia.

According to these data, this figure has decreased by 37% compared to 2021.

It is noteworthy that on August 10 the European Union and Great Britain introduced a ban on the import of coal and some other goods from Russia.

On September 21, the European Commission revised this rule, allowing the supply, financing and insurance of Russian coal in order to ensure global energy and food security.

While EU countries are still banned from buying Russian coal directly, they can now source it from third countries.

Source: agencies

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