Four arrested in Hong Kong over mannequin’s dismembered body

Hong Kong police have arrested four people suspected of killing a 28-year-old model whose dismembered body was found after falling out over financial problems with her ex-husband’s family.

Police said the body parts of social media star Abby Choi were in a specially prepared country house for butchering after he went missing Wednesday.

“After parts of her body were found in a refrigerator, the search for her head is still ongoing,” Hong Kong police officer Alan Chang said.

Arriving at the scene, the police seized an electric saw and a meat grinder, which were used to dismember the body.

Chung In, Abe Choi’s 28-year-old ex-husband, nicknamed “Kwong”, announced that he was arrested this afternoon on murder charges when he tried to flee the city by boat.

The man’s father, mother and brother were also suspended on Friday for the same reason.

“We believe that the victim repeatedly quarreled with the ex-husband’s family over large sums of money,” Chang said.

He added that the man was dissatisfied with the way the victim manages her money, which became the motive for the murder.

Source: AFP.

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