Hungary justifies the adoption of the 10th European package of sanctions against Moscow

Gheorghe Goyash, Hungarian prime minister’s secretary, confirmed that recent European sanctions do not apply to Russian nuclear energy and that his country would waive them given its total dependence on Russian reactors.

Goyash said: “Sanctions against Russian nuclear energy in the tenth package are not proposed in any way, and if they existed, we would veto them.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said earlier that his country would not allow the introduction of European sanctions against the Russian nuclear industry.

Hungary has one nuclear power plant, Baksh, built by Russia during the Soviet Union and includes 4 reactors that produce half of Hungary’s electricity.

And Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siarto said earlier that he had agreed with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak to speed up the construction of the Baksh-2 nuclear power plant in Hungary.

It was noted that Russia will provide Hungary with a loan in the amount of 10 billion euros for the Pach-2 project, provided that the total cost of the project is 12.5 billion euros.

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