big reward "make mouth water"Ronaldo accused of cheating with Manchester United

According to the British press, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo received a big payoff before informing Manchester United of his desire to leave Old Trafford during the summer transfer period.

According to press reports last week, Ronaldo asked to leave Manchester United during the current summer transfer period due to the Red Devils’ failure to qualify for the next edition of the European Football Championship.

And the British newspaper The Sun confirmed that Ronaldo received a large sum of money from Manchester United, days before he informed the club’s management of his desire to leave.

The newspaper did not name the amount, but said that it consisted of 6 figures, and described it as “slobbering”.

A source at the club said: “All contracts are renewed at the beginning of July and Ronaldo has received a financial reward from a contract between the two parties.”

Ronaldo agreed to increase his salary to return to Manchester United after he decided not to continue with Juventus and Manchester United included some bonuses in the Portuguese star’s contract to compensate him financially.

The amount that Cristiano received before informing the English club of his desire, the rights to use his photographs, as well as some bonuses for goals.

The source clarified that Ronaldo was not mistaken, but the timing of announcing his desire to leave may not be correct, and it may not be a coincidence after Don received the financial reward, so he could have announced his desire explicitly in a few weeks. back to receiving this award.

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