The factory is reopening after causing a shortage of infant formula in the US.

The Abbott factory closed its doors twice, causing a severe shortage of infant formula in the United States, and reopened its doors on July 1, AFP confirmed.

The factory, located in Sturgis, Michigan, in the northern United States, was closed for several months after a “product recall suspected of causing the death of two babies.”

The factory resumed production in early June, but was closed again in the middle of the same month due to water overflow, delaying new deliveries of Elicare brand milk products intended for people prone to allergies.

The plant’s first shutdown was exacerbated by a shortage of some baby food due to supply and labor issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

To solve this problem, the administration of US President Joe Biden installed an air bridge to deliver tons of baby food produced abroad by military aircraft.

The President of the United States then took urgent action to address the nationwide shortage of infant formula by using the Defense Production Act to boost production and creating “Operation Fly Formula” to deploy DoD aircraft to expedite the supply of formula to the United States from overseas. .

The moves were Biden’s first major crisis response initiative, which sowed fear and frustration among parents across the country and spurred Republicans and Democrats alike to demand action.New York Times“American.

Source: AFP.

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