Ex-Trump adviser finally agreed to testify about the storming of the Capitol

Steve Bannon, an adviser to former US President Donald Trump, has notified the commission of inquiry into the storming of the Capitol building on January 6 last year that he is ready to testify.

According to the newspaper, Steve Bannon was charged with contempt of Congress for his refusal to cooperate in the investigations.Wall Street Magazine“American.

Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren said Sunday the committee had received a letter from Bannon’s lawyer saying he was ready to testify, noting the committee would attempt to interview a former Trump adviser.

Lofgren added in an interview with the Allied Position program online. “CNN“We wanted him to testify… I expect to hear from him soon. We want to ask him a lot of questions.”

Bannon did not respond to a Wall Street Journal request for comment, and the ex-lawyer’s attorney passed on the request to a colleague who did not respond directly.

According to a message Trump sent to Bannon via Truth Social, the US president confirmed that he would drop any mischief allegations, alleging that Bannon had been “unfairly treated” and citing sums amassed by his former adviser. in connection with legal proceedings against him.

According to the text of the letter published by the newspaper,GuardianThe British government said Trump’s refusal to take any action against Bannon helped the former chancellor agree to testify before the committee in a public hearing.

Trump denied any wrongdoing related to violence on January 6, 2021, when groups of his supporters stormed the Capitol building during the ratification of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, and the House of Representatives passed a resolution impeaching Trump last year. on charges of sedition, but the Senate acquitted him.

Source: American media

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