Before the final round of European Champions groups. Finalists and lower divisions of the Europa League

Today, Tuesday and Wednesday, matches of the last sixth round of the UEFA Champions League group stage will take place.

In the final round, all 16 teams that qualified for the 1/8 finals will be determined, and 8 teams will go to participate in the Europa League, and the remaining eight clubs, which will take the last places in eight groups, will lose their chances. continue your walk in one of the two competitions.

Before the last round matches, 12 teams qualified for the Champions League final prize, two teams were confirmed for relegation to the Europa League, while three clubs’ continental journey ended after they were confirmed to be at the bottom of the rankings. groups.

Teams that ensured early access to the final price before the last round:

Naples – Liverpool – Brugge – Porto – Manchester City – Bayern Munich – Chelsea – Dortmund – Inter – Real Madrid – PSG – Benfica.

Teams relegated to the Europa League:

Barcelona – Seville.

The teams have been eliminated from the Champions League and will not even play in the Europa League:

Copenhagen – Victoria Pilsen – Celtic.

And through tomorrow’s matches, four more clubs will join the contract of those who qualified for the final price of the Champions League, and six clubs will go to participate in the Europa League, in addition to five clubs that will be excluded from the Champions League and not participating in the Europa League .

Source: RT

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