Barcelona president: I am indebted to Messi… and he must return!

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has opened the door to the return of his former Argentine captain Lionel Messi, the current striker for French soccer team Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi left Barcelona due to Barcelona’s financial crisis in the summer of 2021, after 21 years at Camp Nou, making him the greatest player and scorer in the history of the Catalan club.

Laporta told ESPN: “I believe and hope that Lionel Messi’s relationship with Barcelona is not over yet and he should return and I think we have an obligation to confirm that this chapter is still open and not closed.”

Messi’s name has been linked to a return to Barcelona earlier this summer due to the crises he endured in his first season with the French side, and he has only scored 11 goals in all competitions, the lowest of his football career.

The Barcelona President stressed that “there is a moment when something needs to be done and the end between Barcelona and Messi should be more wonderful than it was”, referring to his departure last season due to the crisis at the club. .

Regarding Barcelona’s relationship with Messi, Laporta said: “Do I feel like I owe Messi? Yes. Firstly, I did what the President of Barcelona should do, but as the President of Barcelona and on a personal level, I also owe him.

Notably, 35-year-old Lionel Messi has led Barcelona to many trophies in his career at Camp Nou, most notably 4 European titles and 10 Spanish titles.

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