American billionaire embarrassed Biden after his statements about Russia

Jeff Bezos, the American billionaire and founder of Amazon, embarrassed President Joe Biden after the latter said that “inflation in the United States is rising as a result of Russia’s actions in Ukraine.”

Biden urged businessmen to immediately lower the cost of fuel and said: “I’m reaching out to companies that operate gas stations and set prices in a time of armed and dangerous global conflict.”

Bezos responded by accusing Biden of “ignorance of the basic laws of economics” and said, “Inflation is a very important issue for the White House to continue to make such statements … this is either a direct misconception or a profound misconception.” misunderstanding the fundamental dynamics of the market.”

The cost of living has risen over the months in the United States, where inflation hit 8.5%, breaking 40-year records, and the price of gasoline rose to more than $5 a gallon from $3 a year ago.

Biden called the rise in US inflation “Putin’s price hikes.”

For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on these statements as “dedicated to those who cannot read and write.”

He pointed out that “problems with food and fuel are the result of systematic errors of the Washington administration and the European bureaucracy.”

Source: “News”

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