Algerian Sonatrach Group CEO Affirms Gazprom’s Dependability as a Partner, Tells RT

Toufik Hakkar, CEO of the Algerian Sonatrach group, confirmed that the Russian company Gazprom is a reliable partner and pointed out that there are other Russian companies in Algeria operating in the service sector and building factories.

In an interview with RT, he said: “Our relations with Russian companies do not depend only on research and intelligence. Gazprom is a reliable partner for Sonatrach and we are working on developing some blocks in Algeria.”

He added: “During our work with Gazprom, we were able to make two important discoveries in the Al-Assal field, about 140 km southeast of Hassi Messaoud, and we put together a development plan for the field.”

He stressed that “in the coming years there will be a strong demand for gas in the domestic and foreign markets, and therefore we are working to meet this demand for natural gas.”

“We also work with other Russian companies in the service sector and construction of factories. This is important for Algeria,” he continued.

Source: RT

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