Al-Ahli’s lawyer comments on the decision to jail him because of Mortada Mansour

The legal adviser of the Egyptian club “Al-Ahly” Mohamed Osman commented on his sentence to one year in prison on charges of insulting and slandering Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek club.

And Mortada Mansour announced this Wednesday afternoon through his official Facebook account that the Economic Court has handed down an Economic Court ruling to imprison an Al-Ahly official for one year and fine him £10,000.

And Mohamed Othman said via his Facebook account: “Today I was sentenced to one year in prison and £10,000 bail to stop execution by the Economic Court for insulting Mortada Mansour.”

He added: “We will appeal the verdict on appeal and accept and respect what the judiciary concludes in this case, which is inconsistent with the above.”

And Mortada Mansour’s official Facebook account states that “Mortad Mansour’s adviser will issue a statement after the match between Zamalek and Al-Ahli Club about the abuses committed by Muhammad Othman and some persons affiliated with the captain. Al-Khatib has been in his right for the last two years and there have been several final decisions to put them in jail, but they are fugitives.”

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