Ahmed Karima: It would be wrong to gloat over the Israelis if they had a disaster

Dr. Ahmed Karima, professor of comparative law and Islamic law at Al-Azhar University, said that gloating over others is unacceptable, even over an enemy.

Dr. Ahmed Karima, during television appearances, gave an example of this to the Jews of Israel, where he said: “I mean, if, for example, there was a catastrophe in Israel and the Israelis suffered in it, I, as a Muslim, would not be humiliated by them.”

A professor of comparative law and Islamic law at Al-Azhar University explained that the Israelis, while we disagree politically, are human.

And he declared: “At one time we rebuked the people who sat, saying: God, the widows of your women and the orphans of your children, this is empty chatter, chatter that is not allowed, why? guidance for them.”

Dr. Ahmed Karima explained that the moral of the Prophet Muhammad was to forgive and forgive even enemies, referring to what the Prophet did to the people of Makkah after the conquest and his words to them: “Go, you are free. Commenting: “No one to gloat at all.”

Source: Egyptian site “Cairo 24”.

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