Berlin.. Switching off lights in public buildings and city attractions to save energy

The government of the German state of Berlin has announced that dozens of public buildings and attractions in the city will be shut down overnight in preparation for a possible energy crisis.

On Friday evening, Saturday, darkness reigned for the first time in the State Parliament building in the Berlin Mitte district (central Berlin).

This has been the case elsewhere, such as the Berlin Cathedral or Lostgarten since last Wednesday. This is expected to happen in other buildings and locations as well.

The state government’s Department of the Environment (Ministry of the Environment) has announced that 200 buildings in its area of ​​responsibility will no longer be illuminated at night, including the Victory Column, City Hall and Charlottenburg Palace.

She said the lights would be phased out over the next three to four weeks, adding that there were about 1,400 light bulbs in operation, noting that her lighting costs around 40,000 euros a year.

Source: “AdB”

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