Postponement of final 15 minutes of Al-Faisaly-Aqaba meeting due to power outage

It was decided to postpone the last 15 minutes of the match between Al Faisali and Shabab Al Aqaba, which kicked off tonight, on Saturday, as part of the 12th round of the Jordanian Professional Football League, due to a power outage at the stadium.

The match was stopped in the 75th minute, and as a result, a 1:1 draw developed between the two teams.

The referee of the match decided to postpone its completion after it became clear that it would take a week to fix the problem associated with a power outage at the Amman International Stadium.

The Jordanian federation is expected to set a completion date for the match within the next 48 hours, so that it will be completed tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, on Monday, and can be played in another stadium.

According to the instructions, the match will be completed from the 75th minute with the same composition of the two teams and the changes that have taken place, but it is not required that it be led by the same refereeing staff.

Source: agencies

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