68% of Americans Disagree with Biden Running for a New Term Due to Advanced Age

A new poll has shown that a majority of American voters think President Joe Biden is too old to run for a new term, and a large number of Democrats agree.

Nearly seven in 10 registered voters, or 68%, say Biden, 80, is “too old for another term,” according to a Yahoo News-YouGov poll.

Among Democratic voters, 48% agreed that Biden’s advanced age is a problem, while 34% said they did not support this view.

Most independents said 71% at 82 are too old for Biden to start a second term.

The poll found that 77% of voters were at least “worried” about Biden’s health and mental capacity, while 39% said they were “very concerned.”

Biden is the oldest president in US history and will be 86 at the end of his second term if he wins re-election in 2024.

Source: New York Post.

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