E-Screams: Uncounted Losses in Egypt

Hundreds of Egyptians have been scammed by a platform called Hoogpool for investment and profits that has circulated in recent months in the country.

The company describes itself as a blockchain company specializing in bitcoin mining and cloud mining services, and this platform was able to attract many users who later became its victims.

A few hours ago, hundreds of Hoogpool platform users turned to various social networks for help, complaining about the theft of large sums of money that are still not counted, and claiming that they were victims of fraud. investing in this platform and that they don’t know the proper way to get those amounts back again.

And by searching the Hoogpool company, it was found that it has created a Facebook social media account called “Hoogpool Investment and Profit Platform” and one of the company’s publications offers users to receive an amount of 150 to 2000 Egyptian pounds per day.

The company also promises to receive a monthly salary of between £3,000 and £5,000 if they join and work for the company as part of its employees, and the company posted several photos of the company’s proposed building, which bears its company logo. the name Hugpul.

Hoogpool posted a number of successful transactions for some of its clients who invested as a kind of fulfillment of a promise and transferred money to their accounts. Other posts on the page show a number of testimonials claiming that the company has professional certifications in bitcoin mining.

The company claims to lease a range of bitcoin mining machines and machines and offers users to invest in such machines with a range of return options as it provides options from $10 to $50, with a profit of 250 Egyptian pounds. per day and up to 300 pounds.

The company also provides a signup link to login to their website which requires your personal details to sign up, then verify your phone number via message, then enter the verification code and registration must be done via an invite for subscribers already on Hoogpool, and also create your wallet on the site.

The company promises to make a profit in dollars by withdrawing money through a number of points that you exchange, since every 100 points are exchanged for one dollar, since the withdrawal amount comes in from one to 3 days.

When entering the investment process in the company, the user pays the company about 200 Egyptian pounds and receives back 400 Egyptian pounds within only 10 days. The company also allows larger amounts to be invested in projects by waiting within a short period of time. until the profit of the project is withdrawn.

Source: Sada El Balad

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