50 Cent Publishes an Instagram Photo Suggesting He May Be Involved in the GTA Series

Grand Theft Auto Online featured Dr. Dre in 2021; it now appears that Fiddy himself may be into the spotlight in GTA with ties to Vice City.

50 Cent Publishes an Instagram Photo Suggesting He May Be Involved in the GTA Serie s_

50 Cent published a message on Instagram that made a specific allusion to Vice City. Despite this, no one has yet deciphered how he is connected to the title, given how opaque the hints were. He nearly completely avoided explaining but vowed to do so later.

Is 50 Cent Connected to Vice City?

Following the GTA 6 leaks from last year, it became clear that the upcoming installment in the storied series would take place in a contemporary version of Vice City, the city featured in the 2002 game of the same name.


Although it hasn’t been verified, indisputably supporting evidence suggested it might be. Rockstar only provided a very brief confirmation that development on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game was begun last year.

Now, the man has hinted that 50 Cent would somehow be associated with a Vice City entity, whether it be a video game or something else (perhaps a TV show, as there have been whispers of one).

Rockstar should be working hard to secure licensing for Grand Theft Auto 6 in various fields, including music. So, could 50 Cent just lend his original vocal and musical abilities to Vice City?

Or maybe Fifty is stepping up for an on-screen job like Dr. Dre in Grand Theft Auto Online? What 50 Cent has to say about it is as follows:

I’ll elaborate later. GLG (GreenLightGang), I assure you this shit is much bigger than POWER. BOOM

The term “Power” alludes to a well-liked television program of the same name, supported by 50 Cent. You can tie that to a television production, but that is only speculation.

What ties do you think 50 Cent has to Vice City?

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