World Health Organization: It’s time for a realistic review of the coronavirus pandemic after registering one million deaths this year.

A senior official from the World Health Organization has confirmed that the time has come for a realistic review of the Corona virus after registering one million deaths from the disease this year.

In a direct dialogue through the social media channels of the World Health Organization, Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the coronavirus technical team at the World Health Organization, explained that this result is “heartbreaking” because tests, treatments, vaccines and all public health measures are available to combat virus and follow-up. “Because we are in the third year of the epidemic, it is even more tragic that we have the tools that can actually prevent these deaths.”

Maria Van Kerkhove said: “Many of us have become immune to numbers. We need a realistic overview. We really need to assess where we are now. We should not be in a situation where 14,000 to 15,000 people die every week.” stressed that “the epidemic is not over yet, but it can be ended as long as people continue to live their daily lives.”

And the World Health Organization spokesperson continued by explaining: “We just need to think about it a little to be a little more careful. Many people talk about coexisting with the Corona virus, but we must live with it responsibly.”

And she continued, warning: “One million deaths this year is not coexistence with the Corona virus, and 15,000 deaths per week are not considered responsible coexistence with Covid,” as the latest WHO statistics showed that the Corona virus was the cause of death 6,45 million people worldwide since the first infections appeared in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019, and last week the United Nations reported more than 5.3 million new infections.

In this regard, Maria Van Kerkhove clarified: “These are huge numbers and this is an underestimate,” given that home tests do not enter data, adding: “We see that this virus is spreading intensively around the world.”

Source: AFP

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