Windfall profits amassed by 5 Russian entrepreneurs in their homeland

Bloomberg reported that 5 Russian businessmen, among the richest in Russia, made a windfall of $10 billion after the start of the military operation and the subsequent imposition of sweeping sanctions by the West.

According to Bloomberg, the businessmen are Vladimir Potanin, Leonid Mikhelson, Gennady Timchenko, Andrey Gorev and Vakhid Alekperov.

The agency indicated that the businessmen made a profit despite Western sanctions imposed on their country.

Liana Simchuk, an analyst at the British consulting company Sibilline, commented on this, saying that Western sanctions closed the door on Russian billionaires and kicked them home.

The analyst pointed out that Western sanctions support Russian President Vladimir Putin’s calls for the elite to invest in Russia and return money to their homeland.

After Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, Western countries imposed sweeping sanctions against Moscow that affected businessmen, companies and sectors of the economy.

For its part, Moscow confirmed the failure of the sanctions policy and emphasized that these measures are damaging the global economy as a whole, and that it will protect its rights and the rights of its companies and citizens.

Source: Bloomberg.

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