Putsch Extremists Uncovered with 1,000 Rounds in Central Castle

The German security service found more than 1,000 bullets in a castle in the center of the country, and the magazine “Der Spiegel” reported that they belonged to right-wing extremists from the Citizens of the Reich movement as part of their coup planning and organizing their headquarters there.

The magazine wrote that those responsible for the “headquarters” were heading to the castle, located near the town of Bad Laubenstein. During the search, this ammunition was found. And on documents showing that the conspirators allowed the death penalty to be applied “to traitors in their ranks.”

In her article, she claimed that documents related to a Russian bank were found in the castle, while no significant details were given on this conclusion.

It should be noted that the ongoing investigation into the case classifies the conspirators as “Reichsbergers,” also known as “Reichswehr,” a movement that began in Germany in the 1980s and now has about 23,000 supporters.

Its members believe that Germany exists within the borders that existed in 1937. They also do not recognize the current government and declare that the country, as in the post-war period, is occupied by the allies.

It is known that on December 7, 2022, the German security forces managed to stop the coup attempt and detain 25 out of more than 50 suspects.

This operation became one of the largest in the history of the country. Searches were carried out in 11 out of 16 German federal states and in more than 130 houses and apartments.

As a result, it turned out that the organization of the conspirators was large and wide, and included the heir to one of the princely dynasties, politicians, the military and special forces of the Ministry of Defense.

Source: TASS

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