When it Comes to Promoting “Deadpool 3,” Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are Engaged in an “Arms Race”

In the upcoming sequel/soft reboot Deadpool 3, Hugh Jackman will officially play the mutant Wolverine one more time, making this long-running character’s first public debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since Wolverine passed away at the end of Logan in 2017, he acknowledged that some timeline-juggling shenanigans could be necessary when announcing Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds in September 2022.

When it comes to promoting Deadpool 3 Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are enga ged in a arms race_

Additionally, Jackman has stated that he will have a great time with the role this time, predicting that Wolverine will be “He is undoubtedly angrier and grumpier than before, and he will freely criticize Ryan Reynolds. physically speaking.”

The actors are back in the gym sculpting their superhero physiques before filming, and they’re getting a bit competitive about how ripped they can get for their big MCU debut. Training for the movie has now officially commenced. Both Jackman and Reynolds.


It all began when Don Saladino, a celebrity trainer famous for assisting celebrities with “superhero shred” transformations, posted a picture of Reynolds working on his firearms on Instagram. He wrote, “Deadpool 3 training in full swing.”


In his response, Jackman shared a photo from his arm day workout in which he was pictured with fitness trainer Beth Lewis doing a dumbbell curl. “Only 46, he is. I am older. However, it’s not a race.” He also included Reynolds’ name in the post to make sure the jab stuck.

The release of Deadpool 3 is scheduled for sometime in 2024, so Jackman and Reynolds’ arms race will continue for some time.

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