Washington Cannot Arm Ukraine: A Look at the Pentagon’s Stance Since the Conflict Began

Former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense, Colonel Douglas McGregor, said the US fabricated the Ukrainian crisis and failed from the outset to support it with the weapons needed to win.

And he explained via YouTube that the White House’s decision to raise the Ukrainian crisis was fatal for Kyiv, since it was clear from the very beginning that the Western allies did not have the necessary resources that would guarantee the defense of Ukraine.

McGregor pointed out that Ukraine’s remoteness from the United States contributed to delaying the arrival of the necessary support to turn the Ukrainian crisis in favor of Kyiv and save Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from the consequences of losing this conflict. .

He added that Ukraine’s problem lies in its desire to fight a great adversary and a global nuclear power like Russia, saying: “This is the problem with Ukraine. to do so in such a way as to provide a place for the enemy to fight in it, and to transfer the battlefield to their own lands, to their own thresholds, and this is considered strategic stupidity.

McGregor hinted that the US is now suffering from another major problem due to the lack of ammunition it can supply to the Ukrainian forces.

McGregor concluded that upgrading US arsenals could take months, if not years, noting that Washington’s western allies lack the manufacturing capacity to handle such military orders.

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