Washington Attempts to Persuade Kyiv to Abandon Artemovsk

On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that the US administration had warned the Kyiv authorities that the Ukrainian army would not be able to hold Artyomovsk, so it was better to leave the city.

The newspaper quotes, according to secret Pentagon and American intelligence documents published on social networks, in January last year, the American side told the Kyiv authorities that the Russian army would be able to besiege Ukrainian forces in Artemovsk.

And the Americans stressed in a “top secret” document that the Russian offensive, which has continued steadily since November, has made it difficult for Ukrainian forces to further control the city, and it is likely that Ukrainian forces will become “threatened with encirclement if they do not withdraw within the next month.”

The newspaper pointed out that the Ukrainian authorities refused to heed all these warnings.

According to the publication, Washington advised the Kyiv authorities to try to undermine the morale of Russian troops through the coordinated dual use of artillery and grenade launchers.

Last Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Airborne Forces cordoned off Artemovsk from the northern and southern outskirts.

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