Washington accuses the Chinese army of involvement in a wide-ranging aerial espionage program

The US administration has accused the Chinese military of being “probably” behind a daring aerial espionage program targeting more than 40 countries on five continents.

And the administration of President Joe Biden issued a statement about the program, which was carried out using high-altitude control balloons, similar in height to the balloon that the United States dropped over the Atlantic coast over the weekend.

A statement from a senior US State Department official provides the most detailed information on the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s connection to a balloon that entered US airspace, with the administration confirming that China has developed a massive spy program capable of gathering classified intelligence.

The US announcement is made in an attempt to counter China’s persistent denials of the use of the spy balloon, including Beijing’s claim Thursday that the US accusations of the balloon amounted to an “information war” against China.

Source: “AB”

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