Venezuelan President Refuses Imposition of Sanctions by the US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has sharply condemned US threats to tighten sanctions if there is no progress in negotiations with the radical wing of the opposition, which periodically take place in Mexico.

“Yesterday the representative gringoHe stated that if Venezuela does not advance in the political dialogue with bandits, corrupt officials, traitors and human traffickers to their homeland, then repressive measures and sanctions will be taken against our country.

Maduro stressed that his country is not afraid of pressure from the United States. He called for “resisting and overcoming the terrible consequences of imperialist sanctions and blockade, get rid of economic dependence and produce everything that people need on Venezuelan soil.”

The Europa Press news agency previously pointed to statements by a US State Department spokesman regarding tougher sanctions against Venezuela if the negotiation process with the opposition slows down. He threatened to impose harsh sanctions against Caracas in the event of the arrest of Juan Guaido, who in 2019 declared himself, with the support of Washington, the “interim president of Venezuela” and is one of the leaders of the Unified Program, which unites the country’s radical opposition parties.

Source: TASS

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