Uncovering the Leaked Pentagon Documents: His Mission to Inform

The Washington Post published details about Air National Guard Jacques Teixeira, who is suspected of passing classified documents to the Pentagon, saying his purpose was “training.”

The newspaper reported that Teixeira, 21, completed his studies at the Technological University and then joined the army, like many members of his family. He was tasked with managing and troubleshooting the computers and communications systems of the 102nd Reconnaissance Wing at Otis Air National Guard Base, noting that investigators now believe Teixeira has a reckless side—and “the ramifications are just beginning.”

People familiar with the case told the newspaper that Teixeira used the aliases jackthedripper and excalibureffect and posted images on Discord, a chat platform popular with online gamers.

Some Discord members showed The Washington Post a video of Teixeira shouting racist and anti-Semitic slurs before firing a shotgun. The newspaper said the photographs, confidential documents that were released, included evidence such as the Boston Red Sox cap and fishing magazines.

A US official said that while Teixeira was relatively inexperienced in the military, he had access to top-notch military intelligence through a computer network linked to the Department of Defense known as the Global Unified Intelligence Communications System. The system would have allowed Teixeira to read and possibly print secret documents, although there were rules for handling these documents in accordance with the law.

A friend described Teixeira as a patriot, devout Catholic and liberal with an interest in guns and doubts about America’s future, pointing out that he met the suspect before 2020 on the Discord platform and that they bonded mainly because of her interest in guns. liberal politics, as well as Glocks and Catholic pistols.

The friend later joined Teixeira’s new Discord server called Thug Shaker Central, which is home to a group of about twenty people, including a few teenagers.

A friend who met Teixeira in person said that the latter was “the most ordinary person” off the server, had a “fiery temper” and was “more of a guide than a leader”, indicating that Teixeira began sharing confidential documents on server. Discord in February 2022, at the start of the war in Ukraine, which he described as a “frustrating” battle between two nations that should have more in common than divisions.

Al-Siddiq indicated that the exchange of confidential documents was aimed at “educating people whom he considers his friends and who can be trusted.” The people on the server have agreed never to share documents outside of the platform, as it could be detrimental to US interests.

He added: “My opinion was that some of these kids were inclined to talk about the documents because they stayed on the Internet for a long time, but I was ignored … and I tried to stay away from such discussions,” given that “It was very unpleasant to see suburban children arguing over the fight for the ocean.

Al-Siddiq confirmed that about half of the server’s members were “children who sat in the basements of their houses and played video games, and the other half were gun lovers”, highlighting that “recent statements by other members of the server that some of its members “Russians, and Ukrainians are a total slander… and one member posing as a Russian naval officer living in Kentucky was kicked out of the group.”

Al-Siddiq reiterated that Teixeira did not seek to undermine national security, but hoped to teach younger members to “better see the problem the only way he knew how”. .”

Eventually, another member of the server shared the documents on another server, causing them to spread across the Internet, the paper said.

Source: Washington Post.

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