USA Queues in front of high-inflation food banks return

Long lines are once again at food banks across the United States as inflation-burdened working Americans seek food aid to feed their families.

And the ABC news network said in a report that as fuel prices rise along with food costs and inflation reaches its highest level in 40 years, many people are trying to get food from charities and food banks, noting that food banks that are starting to see some relief as people returning to work after the coronavirus lockdown struggle to meet the latest needs, even as federal programs provide less food, food donations and cash gifts are dwindling.

The rise in food prices came after state governments lifted declarations of a coronavirus pandemic, temporarily allowing benefits increases under SNAP, the federal food stamp program that reaches nearly 40 million Americans.

Feeding America officials said second-quarter data won’t be ready until August, confirming strong demand for free food across the country.

Jerry Brown, spokesman for Phoenix Food Bank’s main distribution center, said the center distributed food parcels to 4,271 families during the third week of June, up 78% from 2,396 families in the same week last year.

He added, “More than 900 families queue at the distribution center every day of the week to receive the government’s emergency food box of items such as canned beans, peanut butter and rice,” noting that “these items, bought with cash donations, in in addition to products supplied by supermarkets. “Local produce such as bread, carrots and cold cuts for about $75 per pack.”

Source: abc news

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