For Greece or for Denmark? The European Court of Justice decides on the ownership of cheese "vita"

On July 14, the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of Greece in its fight against Denmark to protect its trademark rights to the feta cheese it exports outside the European Union.

The European Court of Justice has upheld Greece’s right to the trademark for feta cheese, which is one of the foods and drinks specific to certain regions, and whose origin European countries are trying to preserve.

And Euronews reported that the European Court in its decision ordered Denmark to stop using this designation and ordered it to comply with this decision as soon as possible.

Greece claims that “feta” cheese is part of its cultural heritage, and that the Greeks have been using the term for 6,000 years, and that the name is given to a salty cheese made from milk curd made from sheep’s milk or mixed with goat’s milk. .

The battle over the brand of feta cheese began in 2002 when Denmark and Germany petitioned the European Court of Justice to strike down a law granting Greece the right to use the name as a trademark because the law interfered with EU cheese factory owners. from marketing this type of cheese using these brands.

Source: euronews

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