US source: North Korea may delay nuclear tests due to flooding

American think tank Beyond Parallel announced that North Korea has postponed its nuclear tests due to the effects of heavy rains this summer that damaged the Pungeri nuclear facility.

The center based on an analysis of satellite imagery of the Korean section from August 24, which says there is “limited evidence” that rain may have affected the operation of the Pungeri section, in particular in the area of ​​the fourth tunnel of the site, while there is evidence of flood damage that could “temporarily restrict traffic on the only access road to the Site”. The center said in a statement that “the construction of tunnel No. 4 has been suspended for the time being.”

According to Beyond Parallel, North Korea has built an emergency road “in case of more floods” linking the command center and the facility. It is also noted that there is no significant activity in the area of ​​the third tunnel of the nuclear test site, and signs of its restoration were recorded earlier, which is “not surprising,” according to both the United States and South Korea. that North Korea has already completed all preparations for a nuclear test.

Source: RIA Novosti

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