US senator criticizes Biden for ignoring the reality of the country’s suffering

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has criticized US President Joe Biden for ignoring the fact that the US is in serious economic trouble.

“The United States has the highest inflation rate of any developed country,” Cruz tweeted. “President Biden cannot ignore this fact.”

Earlier, Biden said that the United States has the strongest economy and is able to take a leading position on the planet, noting that “inflation in the country is lower than in any other country.”

The United States has seen a rise in the cost of energy and food for several months. Gasoline now costs over $5 a gallon, up from $3 a year ago. Inflation also broke records in forty years, reaching 8.5%.

Attempts by the US authorities to fight poverty have not yielded tangible results. The situation in the United States was exacerbated by the imposition of sanctions against Moscow against the backdrop of a special operation launched by Russia in Ukraine on February 24.

Source: RIA Novosti

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