Liverpool legend challenges Salah by breaking his record

Welshman Ian Rush, the legend of English football club Liverpool, has challenged Egyptian star Mohamed Salah to try to break his record as a historic goalscorer at Anfield, following a Pharaoh contract extension with the Reds. .

Last Friday, Liverpool officially announced the signing of a new long-term contract with Mohamed Salah.

“It’s great to have records, but like I’ve always said, records are made to be broken,” said Rush.

He added: “So I told Salah, ‘Go and beat my record now.’

Salah has scored 155 goals in 248 games since joining Liverpool in 2017, but he is still a far cry from Wales’ top scorer, who scored 346 goals in two seasons at Liverpool.

Rush continued: “Salah’s extension is great and if he breaks my record I’ll be the first to congratulate him but most importantly he’ll become a true legend at Liverpool because it takes seven to ten at the club.” years”.

Ian Rush has admitted that he did everything in his power to convince Mohamed Salah to extend his contract with Anfield.

The Welshman said: “I am a good friend of Rami Abbas and Salah and I have met him several times in Dubai, France, London and Liverpool. I tried to convince Ramos to convince Salah to stay. the best club in the world.”

Rush concluded: “At Salah’s age, if he leaves the club there is no going back so I spoke to him and his agent and said if the opportunity presents itself you should renew the contract, the fans love him and now he continues.” for at least another three years.”

Source: agencies

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