US Senate passes gun control bill

CNN reported that the US Senate approved the gun control bill.

In a Senate vote on Thursday, lawmakers overwhelmingly overturned objections from Republicans trying to block the amendments.

US President Joe Biden, following a shooting in Ould, Texas that killed 19 children and two teachers, urged Congress to take a series of measures to curb gun trafficking, and in particular proposed a ban on military weapons and large-size magazines, as well as an increase The minimum age for purchasing weapons is from 18 to 21.

Arms trade lobbyists spent more than $15.7 million on their activities in 2021, a record since 1998, according to Open Secrets.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the largest donor with $5 million in spending, while the National Shooting Association has spent $4.9 million to promote its interests.

Source: RIA Novosti

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