US lawmakers vote to bring Trump on three criminal charges that could land him in jail

Representatives of the US Congress investigating the attack on the Capitol building, according to Politico, plan to vote tomorrow on the recommendation to initiate criminal proceedings against former President Donald Trump.

The attack took place on January 6, 2021, and a group of deputies, which will present the results of their lengthy investigation in plenary, are expected to decide whether to recommend that the Justice Department charge Trump with sedition. , and obstruction of the official procedure for the ratification of presidential elections, and conspiracy against the American state.

The newspaper said, citing unnamed sources, that the committee, made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans, will provide detailed justification for the three charges, which could lead to jail time and a ban from holding any public office in the United States.

These MPs were responsible for revealing Trump’s actions and movements up to and through January 6, 2021, the ratification date for his Democratic rival Joe Biden’s victory. Representatives collected about 1,000 testimonies over a year and a half to show that Trump was keen to maintain power despite his loss. Representatives cannot bring charges against Trump, but they can make recommendations to the Justice Department, which has appointed a special prosecutor to independently investigate Trump.

Source: AFP.

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