US advises Netanyahu against diplomatic visit to the country

Israeli media reported that US officials conveyed a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him not to visit the United States.

Israel Army Radio reported: “Senior US officials have transmitted a message to Netanyahu suggesting that he not make a diplomatic visit to the United States.”

The officials explained the reason why the advice was given to Netanyahu to avoid what US President Joe Biden could do, which could embarrass Netanyahu and criticize him due to the judicial crisis.

Netanyahu has instructed all his government ministers to refrain from meeting with US officials until he receives an official invitation from the White House to visit Washington and meet with Biden.

And Israeli Channel 12 indicated that “Netanyahu is concerned that the White House has not invited him to visit Washington, and his government has passed almost three months.”

Last month, the Knesset plenary approved the first phase of Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to weaken the judiciary in the first reading with the support of 63 Knesset members and 47 opposition members.

This stage of legislation included the adoption of the “Basic Law: Judiciary”, which aimed to weaken the Supreme Court and remove its powers, as well as changing the composition of the Judicial Appointment Committee so that the coalition had full control of it.

Israel is witnessing continuous demonstrations against Netanyahu’s reform plan, which opponents see as a coup and a weakening of the judiciary.

Source: “Sputnik”

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