YouTube Drops $23,000 on 2,413 Nintendo WIIU and Nintendo 3DS Games

Popular YouTuber “The Completionist” has posted a lengthy video on his channel explaining how (and why) he paid $22,791 to buy all 2,413 individual digital titles offered in the WiiU and 3DS eShops.

YouTube Drops $23,000 on 2,413 Nintendo WIIU and Nintendo 3DS Ga mes_

But the effort is one of preservation. The WiiU and 3DS eShops will be permanently shut down on March 27, 2023, making it unable to purchase both systems after that date. Many games will never be recovered.

As a result, The Completionist, real name Jirard Khalil, has purchased every game on both platforms’ eShops.

YouTube Drops $23,000 on 2,413 Nintendo WIIU and Nintendo 3DS Game s_

The laborious task of downloading all these games consumed more than 1.4 TB of storage space on both the WiiU and 3DS, which Khalil highlighted in the video uploaded on YouTube. However, it took him 328 days to purchase every game on both eShops.

Suppose you’re curious about how Khalil and his crew were able to devote their time to saving some significant Nintendo history. In that case, you can watch the video here:

Yet, no attempt was made to produce a video. Khalil admitted that Play had a larger purpose for buying nearly 2,500 titles over almost a year.

Preserved Play, our yearly charity event that we launched to support these non-profit gaming organizations, will take place this year. For these games to continue, I will eventually donate these consoles and all the storage to the Video Game History Foundation.

As a result, The Completionist, according to his moniker, has acquired the complete library of WiiU and 3DS games so that future generations might remember them and relive them in some capacity long after Nintendo has shut down the eShops.

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