United Kingdom. What we know about Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral so far

The final memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II will be held at Westminster Abbey in London on 19 September.

The Queen’s body will be moved to Westminster Abbey, where King George II was imprisoned in 1760, according to an AFP report. Since then, the favorite church of the royal family has been St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, but Queen Elizabeth chose this very large church. to her funeral, to her final resting place.

On the morning of the day of the funeral, the ceremony will begin at 6:30 am (5:30 GMT). The funeral will be conducted by the rector of Westminster Abbey, David Howell, and the sermon will be delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

At approximately 10:30 a.m., the casket will be moved from the hearse, a raised platform in Westminster Hall, to the state funeral cart, which will be waiting at the hall’s north door.

After the funeral, the coffin will be transported by cannon cart from the abbey to Wellington Arch to Hyde Break Corner in London, and from there to Windsor Castle, from where it will travel to St George’s Chapel on the historic long walk.

As for the burial ceremony, it will be closed and only family members will be present. King Elizabeth will be buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which is an annex to the main church.

It is reported that the Queen’s mother and father are buried there, as well as the ashes of her sister, Princess Margaret. Prince Philip’s coffin will also be moved from the royal crypt to the Memorial Chapel.

Source: AFP

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