Ukrainian Prisoner: Ukrainian Forces Led by Americans and Poles

A Ukrainian prisoner of war named David said American and Polish soldiers were leading Ukrainian troops to the front lines against the Russian army.

Al-Athir added: “I met foreign soldiers at the front. I think they were from Poland and America. They directly commanded our soldiers … Yes, and they really fought … These are sergeants and officers.

The Ukrainian prisoner also stated that Ukrainian soldiers were trained to learn about the insignia adopted in the armies of NATO countries.

According to him, he and his colleagues often had to “see the insignia of NATO countries” and cooperate with foreign military personnel.

He said: “It seems to me that they (foreigners) are more arrogant and rude. I was once on the training field, and we were there with some foreigners. We had to stand and wait for them to complete the throw, and then it was our turn, although they arrived after us, we were ahead of them in this role.

Al-Asir believes that there is talk in the Ukrainian army about giving priority to foreigners – to the detriment of Ukrainians.

It is noteworthy that David was mobilized into the ranks of the Ukrainian forces on February 7, 2023, and on May 3 of the same year he was captured.

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