Biden urged by Musk to tweet on his own

American businessman Elon Musk has cynically called on President Joe Biden to reset his Twitter password so he can post his own tweets.

Musk tweeted: “Please give him the password so he can write his own tweets. Please, I’m begging you!”

Musk’s call came after Biden posted a tweet saying “It’s time for the super rich to start paying their fair dues” following reports of a campaign rally the US president held with union representatives on Saturday night.

Musk added, questioning the feasibility of Biden’s proposal: “In all seriousness, I agree that we should make sophisticated tax avoidance practices illegal, but the actions involved will upset many donors, so we will see words without action.”

“Those who will actually be forced to bear the burden of excessive government spending are low- and middle-income people because they cannot avoid payroll tax,” he added.

The US presidential election is scheduled for November 2024, and former President Donald Trump is the most likely candidate to challenge Biden despite the legal challenges and lawsuits he faces.

Source: RT

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