Ukrainian Forces Face Drone Shortage Due to Chinese Export Restrictions: New York Times

Shortage of Drones in Ukrainian Forces due to Chinese Export Restrictions

The New York Times reported that Ukrainian forces are suffering from a shortage of drones, citing Chinese restrictions on the export of these drones.

According to the publication, this issue is related to Beijing’s introduction of restrictions on the export of drones, which came into force on September 1. Ukrainian officials fear the new rules will worsen Ukraine’s supply chain problems as winter approaches.

The New York Times added that some Ukrainians were forced to beg, borrow and smuggle what they needed to compensate for the exploding devices, as Ukraine loses about 10,000 drones a month, according to the Royal United Services Institute.

According to trade data, the total value of direct supplies of drones by Chinese companies to Ukraine this year until June last year was just over $200 thousand.

The newspaper added that Ukraine still receives millions of Chinese-made drones and their components, but most of them came from European intermediaries.

In recent months, Chinese companies have reduced sales of drones and their components to Ukrainians. sellers often ask buyers to use complex networks of intermediaries.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal’s Plan

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal said on Saturday that the country’s draft budget for next year provides for an increase in spending on military production by 7 times – to approximately 56 billion hryvnia ($1.5 billion). Shmygal also spoke about the launch of a number of projects for the production of drones in Ukraine. year. Current year is 2023.

Source: RT

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