Ukraine stops transit of Russian oil to Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia

The Ukrainian company “Ukrtransneft” has stopped the transit of Russian oil to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, due to the impossibility of paying the company “Transneft” in exchange for transit, in connection with the entry into force of the seventh package of sanctions.

On August 4 at 06:10, the Russian company Transneft confirmed that Ukrtransneft had stopped pumping Russian oil through the southern branch of the Druzhba pipeline system to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. the party was unable to pay the transit fee due to EU sanctions against Russia.

Igor Demin, adviser to the president of Transneft, said this, but stressed that the transit of oil through Belarus to Poland and Germany still exists. The Ukrainian company explained that it provides oil transportation services only on the basis of 100% prepayment, and when paying for the transit of Russian oil to the territory of Ukraine, which was made through Gazprombank, the payment was returned in connection with the introduction of the seventh package of European sanctions against Russia came into force. Consequently, the Ukrainian company terminated the provision of oil transit services due to the lack of cash receipts for these services.

Demin concluded his speech by saying: “We have informed the Russian Ministry of Energy, as well as the Russian source of these resources in the direction of the three countries and the company (Ukrtransnafta), that the money is not coming in and this cannot be paid.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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