Turkish Federation’s Ruling on Spitting Incident Involving Egyptian Trezeguet

The disciplinary committee of the Turkish Football Association has decided to send player Samet Akaydin to the disciplinary commission on the grounds that he spat at the Egyptian Mahmoud Hassan (Trezeguet) while he was prone on the field.

Photographs and video clips on social media show Akaidin spitting at Trezeguet, who scored his team’s only goal with ten minutes left in a 3-1 victory for Fenerbahçe last Thursday.

Apparently, the decision of the Turkish Federation did not please Fenerbahçe, who objected and said in a statement via Twitter: “The legal decision of the Turkish Football Association cannot be accepted.”

He added: “It is a historic event when the Turkish Federation decided to transfer our player Samet Akaydin to the Disciplinary Committee… It was clearly proven that he did nothing by going back to the videos. It’s outrageous”.

And he continued: “This incident was not included in the match report (referee) and this is a slander from the public, but it clarifies the Turkish Football Association’s point of view regarding Fenerbahce. The club calls on all officials working under the auspices of the Turkish Federation , especially in the Disciplinary Committee, which signed this decision, to immediately resolve this issue.”

Akaidin claimed he had no intention of spitting on Trezeguet, and had previously posted on his Twitter account: “I denounce immoral accusations by manipulating my behavior, and this behavior happens to athletes.”

In turn, the Trabzon club described Akadin’s behavior as “disgusting” and in an official statement condemned the “inhuman act against our player Trezeguet during the match with Fenerbahce on May 18.”

He added: “It’s disgusting that Fenerbahce’s Samet Akaydin spat on our player as he prostrated himself celebrating a goal.”

Trabzon’s statement concluded: “We call on the sports community to condemn these aggressive and inhuman acts and defend the true values ​​of football in order to restore sport based on friendship, love and respect, as we want respect for everyone.”

Source: “Media”

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