Trump’s Response to Rape Allegations Against Him: Shame and Accusations of a Witch Hunt

Former US President Donald Trump called the verdict in the case of accusing him of trying to rape journalist Jane Carroll “a disgrace and the biggest witch hunt.”

In a comment on his Truth Social, Trump reiterated that he did not know the writer and former journalist E. Jane Carroll, who in the case accuses him of raping and slandering her, stressing: “I have no idea who this woman is.”

A jury in a New York civil court concluded that former US President Donald Trump is accused of “sexually assaulting a former writer and journalist in the nineties of the last century.”

The New York Times, CNN and other media reported that a 9-person jury after a civil trial concluded that Trump did not rape, i.e. Jane Carroll, but held him responsible for slandering her.

And the media indicated that the authorities ordered Trump to pay compensation to Carroll in the amount of five million dollars.

Source: agencies

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