Trump boasts that US economy under his presidency surpasses combined economies of Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Former US President Donald Trump stated that the US economy during his presidency was “the best economy in the history of our nation and possibly the greatest economy in the history of the world”, as he put it.

Trump said today, Thursday, during an interview with CNN: “We were independent in the field of energy. We would be close to the dominants in the field of energy. No one has ever done what I did.”

He added: “We have reduced the price of fuel to $1.87. In fact, in some cases it is even lower. We had to bail out the oil companies. history of our country, probably the greatest.” economy in world history.

He continued: “We were independent in the field of energy and we were going to become dominant in this field. We (the American economy) would be twice the size of Russia and Saudi Arabia combined. We have more liquid gold under our feet than any other country. another country – any other country, and these idiots finished it off.

Trump pointed out that “the price of auto fuel has gone from $1.87 or less to $5, $6, $7, $8, even $9. Your electricity bills have gone up a lot and your heating bills have gone up a lot.”

And he concluded: “This is what started inflation, and it has not stopped, because people are paying two and three times more for bacon and eggs than they were paying just recently. We’ve made the greatest savings in history.”

Source: CNN

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