Three-Fold Salary Increase Offered to Ex-French Goalkeeper by Saudi Arabia

The British newspaper The Times reported that French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, the goalkeeper of Tottenham Hotspur, has received a huge offer from Saudi Arabia to play for one of their clubs next season.

Lloris has a contract with Tottenham, which is extended until the end of the next season 2023-2024.

Lloris, 36, suffered a hip injury that ended his season with Tottenham Hotspur.

Lloris is still waiting to find out the identity of the new Tottenham manager before deciding his future.

Loris is waiting to replace Italy’s Antonio Conte as permanent London coach before deciding on his future, according to a British newspaper.

The newspaper reported that Lloris was offered to play in Saudi Arabia next season on the condition that he would receive 3 times his current salary at Tottenham.

The report added that Loris is ready to take on a new challenge after spending more than a decade in the English Premier League with his Tottenham team.

The newspaper added that the Saudi Arabian offer is not the only option for Loris, but the most profitable, which gives him the opportunity to earn 3 times his current salary, which is estimated at 100 thousand pounds per week.

Lloris announced his retirement from international football with the French national team after the Roosters won the world title in Qatar.

Source: “Media”

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