Tras shocks small businesses in Britain

Informed sources said the British government decided to put on hold outgoing Prime Minister Liz Terrace’s plan to help small businesses after Terrace announced her resignation.

Bloomberg News reported Friday that the Aid to Grow program, launched last year by former Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, has enabled approximately 30,000 small and medium-sized companies to receive management training and computer software to help them run their businesses.

According to the sources, the government has decided to cancel the program, but the prime minister has informed the relevant departments of the suspension of the decision to cancel until a new prime minister is chosen.

A British government spokesman confirmed the continuation of the growth aid program for the time being.

And Bloomberg notes that the decision to cancel shows the extent of the chaos that the British government is going through because of the crisis in the ruling Conservative Party.

She pointed out that when Boris Johnson, the former British prime minister, announced his resignation earlier this year, he decided to stop implementing any major new policies under his interim government until a new prime minister was elected.

Among the plans that have been put on hold are programs to help British families and businesses cope with record energy price increases.

Source: agencies

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