Tokyo Condemns Moscow’s Designation of Federation of Tessema and Habomai Islanders as an Undesirable Group

Tokyo filed a protest in Moscow in connection with the decision of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, recognizing the public organization “Union of the inhabitants of the Tessema and Habomai Islands” as an undesirable organization on the territory of Russia.

The Secretary General of the Government of Japan, Hirokazu Matsuno, described the Federation of Two Islanders as a non-governmental organization of former residents of the northern islands of the Kuril region and their descendants, noting that this organization is a supporter of the signing of a peace treaty between Russia and Japan.

Matsuno added that Russia’s decision to consider this organization undesirable on its territory is “a unilateral decision that contradicts the actual facts on the ground.”

He noted that the former residents of these islands dream of urgently resolving the land issue in order to resume visiting the graves of their relatives and friends there.

Last Friday, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia recognized the activities of the Federation of Japanese Non-Governmental Organizations of the Residents of the Teshima and Habomai Islands as undesirable and considered its activities aimed at violating the territorial integrity of Russia, which poses a threat to the foundation of the constitutional order and security of Russia.

The Prosecutor General’s Office stated that this organization aims to separate part of its territory from Russia, in particular the islands of Kunashir and Iturup and the Lesser Kuril Mountains, and because of Japan’s policy, an anti-Russian opinion has long been formed, which threatens to destabilize the situation around the Kuriles.

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