They sent him medical advice. Hackers hacked Mossad chief’s phone and published photos of his teeth (photo)

On Tuesday, Israeli reports revealed that Mossad chief David Brenn’s phone had been hacked by hackers “linked to Iran.”

mentioned Walla’s websitethat hackers believed to be linked to Iran hacked into the phone of Mossad chief Barna and published photographs of his teeth with medical advice to brush twice a day.

The site reports that a hacker group calling itself Open Hands has released Mossad chief Barna’s medical records.

According to the website in Hebrew, some time after the photos of the Mossad chief’s teeth were posted, the group attached some tips for him to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The group also wrote on photos of the head of the Israeli Mossad that it posted on social media, “Brush your teeth regularly twice a day.”

This is the second time in a few months that the same group of hackers has penetrated the files of the head of the Israeli Mossad.

In March, the same group released personal details about him, including a 2022 tax form, as well as information about his salary, savings and pension.

The group has also previously released photos and personal information about Barney, head of the Israeli Mossad, since June 1 last year.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Yediot Ahronot, the group broadcast a video clip that includes personal photos of the head of the Mossad, airline tickets, tax documents for him and his family members, and a satellite image of his private home in central Israel.

Source: Hebrew media.

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