The world’s most famous reactions to the death of Queen Elizabeth II

After the announcement of the death of the British Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 at Balmoral Palace in Scotland, messages of condolence poured out to the ruling family of the United Kingdom.

World leaders, including kings, presidents and ministers, have praised the late queen’s qualities and the legacy she left behind on her throne.

“It is with a heavy heart that we learn of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Canada’s longest serving member,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted Thursday evening.

“She has been a constant presence in our lives and her service to Canadians will forever be an important part of our country’s history,” Trudeau tweeted.

“As we look back on the many decades of her life and reign, Canadians will always remember Her Majesty’s wisdom, compassion and warmth.”

For his part, King Philippe of Belgium mourned Queen Elizabeth, calling her “exceptional”.

King Philippe of Belgium and his wife, Queen Mathilde, praised the late British Queen Elizabeth II as “an exceptional queen who left a deep mark on history” and demonstrated “dignity, courage and selflessness throughout her reign.”

The royal duo added: “She was an unusual figure. We will always cherish the touching memory of this great lady. Each of our meetings will forever remain in our memory”, expressing “deep sadness over her passing”. .”

King Felipe VI of Spain also praised Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday at the age of 96, recalling that she “wrote the most important chapters in the history of our world” in seven decades.

“Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has undoubtedly witnessed, written and shaped the most remarkable chapters in the history of our world over the past seven decades,” Felipe VI wrote in a telegram to the new King Charles III, praising her sense of duty and determination. and a life she devoted entirely to serving her people.

The Prime Minister of Scotland, which supports her country’s independence from the rest of the United Kingdom, said that the departure of Elizabeth II was “a sad moment for the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the whole world.”

“Her life has been dedicated to selflessness and service,” Nicola Sturgeon tweeted, adding: “On behalf of the people of Scotland, my heartfelt condolences go out to the King and Royal Family.”

Irish President Michael D. Higgins, Queen Elizabeth II, called her “an outstanding friend of Ireland”, believing that her influence was great in the bonds of mutual understanding between the two peoples.

“We express our condolences to all our neighbors in the United Kingdom for the loss of an illustrious friend of Ireland, and we remember the role played by Queen Elizabeth in celebrating the close and enduring friendship between the two countries,” he said.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese praised Queen Elizabeth II for her “timeless physicality” and said her death marked “the end of an era”.

Albanese added: “Australian hearts bow to the people of the United Kingdom. The historical era and long life dedicated to duty, family, faith and service has come to an end.”

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier regarded the late Queen as a symbol of reconciliation with Germany and contributed to the “healing of the wounds” of World War II.

Steinmeier wrote in a letter of condolence that “Great Britain extended its hand to Germany for reconciliation, and the hand of reconciliation was also the hand of the Queen.”

In a separate letter, Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised her commitment to German-British reconciliation.

For his part, U.S. President Joe Biden said the late Queen Elizabeth II was “a stateswoman of unparalleled dignity and resilience,” adding that “she was more than a queen … she embodied an era.”

Biden added in a statement that Elizabeth II “has done her part to make the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States special,” stressing that he “looks forward to continuing our close friendship with the new king.”

Former U.S. President Barack Obama also expressed deep regret at the Queen’s departure, saying that Queen Elizabeth was distinguished by “virtue, elegance and an unwavering sense of duty.”

Former President Donald Trump also offered his condolences on the Queen’s death, and Trump hailed “the exceptional legacy of peace and prosperity that the late Queen has left in the United Kingdom.”

“Her spirit of leadership and diplomacy has built and strengthened alliances with the United States and other countries of the world,” Trump wrote on his social media page.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, mourning Queen Elizabeth II, said she was “an important world figure, witness and influencer in British history”.

On Thursday, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi offered his condolences over the death of Queen Elizabeth II, saying the “beloved” queen represents the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in “poise and wisdom.”

In a statement, Draghi said: “She maintained stability during times of crisis and preserved the value of tradition in an ever-evolving society. Her spirit of service and dedication throughout this long time has been a source of enduring admiration for generations.”

French President Emmanuel Macron praised Queen Elizabeth II, calling her “friend of France and queen of hearts” for capturing “her country and century.”

And he tweeted, attaching a photo of the late queen: “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for more than seventy years personified the continuity and unity of the British nation … I keep the memory of a friend of France, the queen of hearts, forever capturing her country and age.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed his “pain” over the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, tweeting that the late Queen “embodied inspiring leadership for her nation and people”, adding that she “embodied dignity in her public life.” .”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 96, saying she has been a “model of continuity” throughout history and that her “calmness and selflessness have been a source of strength for many.” .”

And she said on Twitter that the late woman “was a witness to war and reconciliation in Europe and abroad, and profound transformation in our planet and in our societies” and saw her as “a hopeful element in difficult times.”

Von der Leyen telegraphed the new king, Charles III, wishing him wisdom and strength so that he could follow what Elizabeth II had achieved.

European Council President Charles Michel said that Queen Elizabeth II epitomizes the “importance of enduring values” and called the late Queen a “staunch Elizabeth”.

Charles Michel tweeted: “Our thoughts are with the Royal Family and all those who weep for Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom and around the world. , she never missed an opportunity to show us the importance of enduring values ​​in today’s world.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres praised the “virtue, grace and devotion” of the late Queen of Great Britain, noting her “reassuring presence through decades of great change.”

Guterres said in a statement that the Queen, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 96, “was highly regarded for her grace, grace and selflessness throughout the world… Her presence has been comforting throughout decades of great change, including the decolonization of Africa and Asia.”

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