The Witcher Season 3 Concludes with Henry Cavill’s Final Appearance: Find Out Why Changes Were Made to the Series

The Witcher Season 3 Concludes with Henry Cavill’s Final Appearance

The third season of the popular show, The Witcher, came to an end in July. Fans eagerly watched the latest episodes on Netflix, looking forward to seeing Henry Cavill portray Geralt of Rivia once again. However, starting from the next season, Liam Hemsworth will replace Cavill in the role. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood, the release date for the new season is uncertain.

Despite the excitement surrounding the show, some fans have expressed their disappointment with certain aspects of the series. They feel that liberties were taken with the scriptwriting and that the storyline deviated from the original books. This may be the reason why Cavill, who is a huge fan of the franchise, decided to leave the production. But what caused these changes to the storyline? According to Netflix producer Tomek Baginsky, social networks are to blame.

The Witcher on Netflix “Simplified” Due to Young People?

As many fans took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the show not following the book’s plot, one of the executive producers, Tomek Baginsky, made a peculiar statement to explain this deviation. He accused the American public and social networks of simplifying the storyline of the Polish author’s books.

Baginsky tried to explain that in one particular scene, there was an uprising against Germany, with Russians on one side of the river and Hungarian or Ukrainian soldiers on the German side. However, this concept was incomprehensible to the American audience, who grew up in a different historical context where everything was simplified: America is always good, and the others are the bad guys. When a series caters to a diverse global audience, especially containing a significant portion of American viewers, simplifications become necessary to ensure broader understanding. Although it may be painful for us, a higher level of complexity may not reach the audience effectively. Difficult decisions like these have to be made and accepted.

Baginsky also mentioned that young people, who are more focused on emotions rather than intricate plots, played a role in the changes made to the series. He stated, “When it comes to series, the younger the audience, the less important the plot. Just emotions. These people grew up on TikTok and YouTube, constantly jumping from one video to another.”

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